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Delhi University Cut-offs            Source: Veritasprep.com

On a windy day in June, clouds of dismay covered thousands of aspirants who seek admission to various courses in the affiliated colleges of  Delhi University. While they awaited the first cut-off list, anxiety and a pinch of excitement is what kept them awake the previous night. But alas, Delhi University cut-offs shattered all their dreams by declaring sky soaring cut-offs even after the toughest Mathematics Board exam and also the difficult pattern on which the Physics and the Business Studies exams were set.

SK Garg, President of DU’s Principal Association and principal of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College said in a statement, “There is likely to be jump in cut-offs across streams this year. Considering the number of applications the university has received, the cut-off is expected to go up. The number of seats are same but the number of students applying has increased. This will of course be reflected in the cut-offs.”

Two of the highest rated colleges namely, SRCC and Hansraj set a whooping 100.75 and 100.5 percent respectively for students who are from non-Economics background to get admitted into B.A.(Hons.) Economics. Moreover, College of Vocational Studies and Indraprastha College for Women both require perfect scores to allow students into their computer science programme. These instances shows the absurdity with which the trend of setting cut-offs at 100% or even beyond that mark this year is being normalized in our society. It is technically impossible to score beyond 100%.

The cutoffs in the first list are totally beyond our reach” said Priya Rai to Mail Today, one of the disappointed applicants at Maitreyi College.

Here’s how Twitterati reacted to Delhi University’s bizarre first cut-off list:

But now, after the release of the second cut-off list, the ambitious students who couldn’t secure a seat due to the earlier list, heaved a sigh of relief. There is a marginal decrease in the cut-offs of popular courses and the cherry on the cake is that the seats are vacant in majority of the top colleges.

Courses like Economics (H) and B.Com (H) have witnessed a decrease in the cut-off across major colleges like KMC, Hans Raj, LSR, Miranda House, Ramjas and many others. Another popular course among DU aspirants i.e. English (H) is also up for grabs at the best of the colleges. Hindu, Hans Raj, LSR, I.P. College for Women are some among others who have lowered the cut-off marks for the course. Among other courses, for instance, philosophy and B.Sc physical science with chemistry have shown a dip by 3 percentage points, while there is a 2.5 percentage point drop from the first cut-off in case of BA programme at Hindu college. At Kirori Mal, the cut-off for mathematics has dropped by 1.5%.

NAME OF COLLEGEB.Com(H)Economics (H)
First listSecond listFirst listSecond list
Hans Raj97.25%97%98%97.5%
Kirori Mal97.25%96.75-97.25%98%97.25-98%
Daulat Ram97%96%97%96.25%
Kamala Nehru97%96.5%97%96.25%
I.P. College97%96.5%98%96.25%

Table 1: Comparison of the first and second cut-off of B.Com (H) and Eco (H) across major colleges

Visible from the table above, we can infer that the two major courses namely B.Com (H) and Economics (H) are open in all the colleges barring SRCC for B.Com (H) where all the seats have been occupied. But the other colleges have lowered the percentage points which has reduced the pressure that had built in the minds of many due to the first cut-off list that presented a ‘nonrealistic’ view of our education system.

Unlike previous years where most of the seats used to get filled by the first cut-off itself, this year the applicants were limited. Due to the same, the cut-off was relaxed across colleges with seats vacant in almost all of them.

Below are the links of the two lists for Arts and Commerce courses:

First cut-off list 2015

Second cut-off list 2015

All the best for your future endeavours!!!

America legalized same-sex marriagePhoto: Doug Mills/The New York Times

It is 2015 and the biggest celebration is a law that upholds same sex marriage in one of the most developed nations of the world.

God Bless America.

It has been a long battle but finally the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled by a 5-to-4 vote on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Nearly 46 years to the day after a riot at New York’s Stonewall Inn ushered in the modern gay rights movement, the decision could settle one of the major civil rights fights of this era. The language of Kennedy’s opinion spoke eloquently of the most fundamental values of family, love and liberty.

“No longer may this liberty be denied,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.” Marriage is a “keystone of our social order,” Justice Kennedy said.

People with choices that differ from those of the majority, ultimately won the battle for dignity and equality in the eyes of law. It never was an easy fight and this fine day has come as a culmination of decades of protests, mass movements and litigation processes. Frequent polls in the recent past came out with defining results and in many states of USA, this is a first.

Outside the Supreme Court on judgement day, the police allowed hundreds of people waving rainbow flags and holding signs to advance onto the court plaza as those present for the decision streamed down the steps. “Love has won,” the crowd chanted as courtroom witnesses threw up their arms in victory. The White House, the Niagra Falls and the Empire State Building were also lit in rainbow colours.

In remarks in the Rose Garden, President Obama welcomed the decision, saying it “affirms what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts.” “Today,” he said, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.” His twitter handle tweeted shortly after the judgement was announced, “Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry just like anyone else. #LoveWins”

Democrats had no problem reacting, jumping fast on Twitter to express their universal elation. The Vice President of USA tweeted, “All marriages at their root are about love. In America, our laws now recognise that simple truth. #LoveWins today and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Hillary Clinton tweeted one simple word, PROUD, and shared HISTORY written in rainbow coloured bold font.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley tweeted a photo of the family at the center of his state’s efforts to legalize gay marriage.

From airlines, to coffee shops like Starbucks, news groups like the Daily Show and the Huffington Post including the official profile of Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook; all had changed their display photographs to display pride in the court ruling and join in the celebrations. Starbucks even had the rainbow coloured flag hoisted on some of its outlets. Big brands of alcohol also tweeted their joy on the twitter handles by giving people another reason to celebrate, calling the celebrations a must for a day that is going to go down in history.

The court ruling has its fair share of dissidents and of the 4 judges who dissented, Justice Scalia was extremely critical of the judgement and said the debate would go on. He blasted the ruling and called it “threat to American democracy.” Another dissenter, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the decision had “nothing to do with the Constitution.”

Celebrities also shared their joy.

Miley Cyrus, who is bisexual, celebrated the landmark decision by posting a thumbs-up photo alongside the caption: ‘what a day!!!!! #gayok #loveisthelaw thank you America for not cutting my chances of finding true love forever and ever by 50%’.

Stars from Ellen DeGeneres to J.K. Rowling also sent out jubilant tweets to their millions of followers, while Apple’s CEO Tim Cook quoted the late Steve Jobs. ‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do,’ wrote Cook, who publicly came out as gay last October. In his own words, he added: ‘Today marks a victory for equality, perseverance and love.’

Lady Gaga, a staunch supporter of gay rights, posted a photo of her Instagram reading: ‘Little Monster Pride’ – she calls her fans ‘Little Monster’s.’

Ellen DeGeneres added, ‘Love Won’, she is married to Portia de Rossi since 2008.

The U.S. is now the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, including territories. Married same-sex couples will now enjoy the same legal rights and benefits as married heterosexual couples nationwide and will be recognized on official documents such as birth and death certificates. While people rejoice world over, let’s hope that closer to home such steps are taken sooner and torturous battles are not thrust on homosexual couples for something we take for granted, marriage.

Scholarships for Indian students Source

Eyeing the University of Oxford? Or finding it difficult to finance your education at the Stanford University? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The answer is really simple, and well, you’ve heard it quite a lot of times…SCHOLARSHIPS! While we may not be aware of the gamut of opportunities available to Indian students to finance the extremely expensive studies abroad, there are innumerable scholarship programs to help us steer our way through.

Annual Cost to study abroad
Average relative costs of study in the 15 most-expensive study destinations worldwide. Source: HSBC

As per the data mentioned above, the total annual cost to study in Australia  is $42,093 (INR 27 lakh approx.) which is not financially feasible for most of the Indian families. Due to the same, students often do not consider the option of studying abroad. And that’s where the various scholarship programmes come to their rescue.

Scholarships are blessings in disguise to people who decline offers to study at leading universities abroad because of financial crunch. Many scholarships cover 100% of  university and college fees and also provide a grant for living costs. Isn’t that amazing? Though one has to meet a specific range of criteria to avail them, yet you must explore your options as such an opportunity lost will make you repent for an entire lifetime.

Therefore, to make your work a little easier, the below-list contains the top 20 International scholarship opportunities for Indian students you must go through. The direct links for the same have also been provided. You never know how things might suddenly change for you at the click of just a button.

1. Sussex India Scholarship: The University of Sussex, United Kingdom offers scholarships worth £3,000 by way of a reduction in the fee for all overseas fee paying students from india who have accepted an offer of a full-time place on a masters course at the university. A multitude of full-time taught Masters degree courses (e.g. MA, MSc, LLM. MRes) are covered under this scholarship.

To avail the scholarship, one must apply for admission to an eligible Masters course before the expiry of the deadline for application.

Direct link: Sussex India Scholarship

2. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship: These scholarships are offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) in the UK in partnership with the UK universities to students from developing countries who would not otherwise be able to afford to undertake Master’s level study in the UK. 100% of University and college fees and a grant for living costs (at least £11,376) is the value that the scholarship provides. A wide range of leading UK universities including University of Oxford, Cranfield University, King’s College London, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Cambridge, University of Nottingham and many more are participants of this scholarship for a plethora of courses.

For a detailed view of the eligibility conditions, application process, covered courses and scholarship benefits, have a look at the 2015 prospectus by clicking on the link below.

CSS Prospectus 2015

3. Dr Abdul Kalam International Post Graduate Scholarship: All international applicants with an offer of admission for a Master by coursework program in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney are eligible to avail the scholarship. The scholarship is valued at 50% of the tuition fees for the Master program and year offered, subject to satisfactory academic performance deemed to be a minimum of credit average (65%) each semester. It is available for both undergraduate (semester 1) as well as postgraduate IT courses.

Direct links:


Post Graduate

4. International Leader of Tomorrow Award: International undergraduate students who exhibit superior academic achievement, leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, and who enthusiastically participate in extra-curricular activities are welcome to apply for the International Leader of Tomorrow Award which is awarded by The University of British Columbia, Canada. One needs to apply to their first undergraduate degree and be admissible to the first choice program they are applying to. A wide range of Bachelor’s degree courses can be opted for. The value of awards is commensurate with demonstrated financial need, up to full tuition costs for the relevant program of study, and living expenses minus the financial contribution the student and their family can make annually towards these costs.

Direct link: Eligibility and Application

5. UC International First Year Scholarship: The University of Canterbury, New Zealand offers the UC International First Year Scholarship to high end achievers who are citizens of countries other than New Zealand and Australia and are about to commence an undergraduate degree programme at the university. The scholarship is currently awarded with values of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 which would be very beneficial for you to cut down your cost of studying abroad.

Direct link: Regulations

6. British Council IELTS Award: Yet another highly rated award comes in the form of INR 3,00,000 towards the cost of tuition fees if you are planning to undertake your undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a university in any country outside India that recognizes IELTS. The basic eligibility conditions require you to be an Indian citizen with a minimum overall IELTS band score of 6.0.

For more details, visit: British Council IELTS Award

7. International Office Scholarship: The University of Bristol, UK awards five scholarships of £8,500 each to international applicants who hold an offer of a place on an undergraduate course or a one year taught Master’s course in any discipline at the university. The wide range of courses to choose from makes it a viable opportunity to grab.

Direct link: International Office Scholarship

8. Eric Bleumink Scholarship: The University of Groningen, Netherlands targets talented young researchers who will pursue a 1 year or 2 years Master’s degree program or a 4-year Ph.D program at the university. The scholarship seeks to cover the tuition fee, costs of international travel, subsistence, books, and health insurance. To be able to apply for the same, the student needs to be (conditionally) admitted to one of the Master’s programs.

Direct Link: Eric Bleumink Scholarship

9. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship: Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship program targets Indian students who need financial assistance in obtaining an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business in USA.

Finalists will receive financial support for the cost of tuition and associated fees for each year of the two-year Stanford MBA Program (approximately $145,000 total). They are required to return to India for a period of at least two years to work for an Indian organization after completing their MBA program.

Direct link: Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

10. Principal’s International Scholarship: Queen’s University, Canada offers the Queen’s University Principal’s International Scholarship for students planning to pursue an undergraduate programme of study at the university. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of grades scored during their higher secondary exams. The total value of the scholarship is $8,000 ($4,000 annually) spread over a period of two years. No separate application is required. Every candidate applying to any course of study at the university will automatically be considered for the scholarship. The basic eligibility criteria requires the applicant to be entering the first year of post-secondary education for the first time and also have high school grades of more than 95% or IB Diploma Programme requirements of more than 39 core.

For more details, visit Automatic Admission Scholarships

11. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF): The UMGF is a merit-based award that is open to international students willing to pursue any Master’s or Ph.D level study (except those in the Faculty of Medicine and in the Master of Business Administration – MBA) at The University of Manitoba, Canada. The value of this fellowship is $18,000 (Ph.D.) and $14,000 (Master’s) for a 12 month period. Students are eligible to receive the UMGF for the first 24 months of their Master’s program and the first 48 months of their Ph.D program.

Direct link: University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

12. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS): The Ontario Graduate Scholarship program encourages excellence in graduate studies at the Master’s and doctoral levels at leading universities in Ontario, Canada by providing a scholarship value of $5,000 per term ($10,000 for two terms or $15,000 for three terms as the case may be). One-term awards are not granted. Awards are available to students in all disciplines of academic study who plan to be enrolled full-time in a graduate program at an Ontario university.

For details regarding eligibility, participating universities and other details, visit: Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program

13. India Master’s Scholarship: India Master’s Scholarship is offered to Indian students who wish to study postgraduate courses at King’s College London. The post graduate courses at the college include programmes like Philosophy, Literature, Classical Art, History, Policy and Music among others. The scholarship is offered as a tuition waiver and each award carries £5,000 towards the candidates tuition fees at the college. There is no separate application form for India Master’s Scholarship 2015. The candidates who apply for any of the chosen postgraduate full time course are considered for the scholarship.

Direct link: India Master’s Scholarship

14. ADB-Japan Scholarship programme: Well-qualified citizens of ADB’s developing member countries of which India is a part, can undertake postgraduate studies in economics, management, science and technology, and other development-related fields at participating academic institutions under the purview of this programme. It covers the full tuition fees, a monthly subsistence and housing allowance, an allowance for books and instructional materials, medical insurance, travel expenses and also provides special grants for thesis preparation. University of Auckland, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo, National University of Singapore and also the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi are some of the participating institutions.

For more information, visit: ADB-Japan Scholarship

15. Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarship: International students who wish to obtain a Master’s degree in one of Paris-Saclay University’s member establishments (entering an M1 or an M2 directly) under any discipline provided by them can apply for the Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarship. The value for the scholarship is 10,000€ per year awarded by the establishment the candidate is registered in for the duration of the academic year and for a period of not less than 10 consecutive months per year. Travel and VISA expenses (maximum 1,000€) is also awarded depending on the candidate’s country of origin.

Direct link: Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarship

16. University of Westminster Full International Scholarship: The University of Westminster, UK offers full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London to international students from developing and middle income countries who wish to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree at the university. The criteria for awarding the scholarships are academic excellence, development potential and financial need.
This scholarship is considered to be the most competitive programme of the university which covers a wide range of undergraduate courses.

Visit the page for more details: University of Westminster Full International Scholarship

 17. University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowship: If you intend to pursue your Master’s degree in any discipline related to science (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Physics), then The University of Geneva, Switzerland could be the right choice. The Faculty of Science of the university, has established an Excellence Fellowship Program to support outstanding and highly motivated candidates by providing CHF 10’000 to CHF 15’000 per year as the value of the scholarship.

The basic eligibility criteria requires one to have completed their Bachelor’s degree or expect to complete it within 6 months, and belong to the top 10% of their bachelor’s program.

Direct link: University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowship

18. Gates Cambridge Scholarships: Awarded to outstanding international students to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge, UK, this scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge, namely: the University Composition Fee and college fees at the appropriate rate, a maintenance allowance for a single student, one economy single airfare at both the beginning and end of the course, and inbound visa costs.

Direct link: Gates Cambridge

19. University of Bern Master’s Grants: University of Bern, Switzerland offers Master’s grants for foreign students for the duration of a Master program at the university with the exception of Biomedical Science. The monthly value is CHF 1,600, exemption from one-off application fee, and exemption from tuition fees. A student whose permanent domicile at the time of application is outside of Switzerland, and who obtained their Bachelor’s degree in the relevant filed of study outside of Switzerland is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Official Scholarship Website: University of Bern Master’s Grants

20. La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarship: The scholarship aims to cover the tuition fees for high-achieving international students accepted into any full-time undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs at La Trobe University, Australia . The worth lies between $10,000 and $20,000 which is paid across a maximum of two semesters (or 12 months).

You must have scored 85% or equivalent in your previous degree/award, and meet the English language and academic entry requirements of the university.

For more details: La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarship

These were some of the many scholarships provided by international universities to students who belong to India. Before applying to any scholarship, one must be fully aware of the eligibility criteria and the additional tests (if required) for not only acquiring the scholarship, but for also securing a seat in your preferred field of study at the university you wish to graduate from. Keep track of the application deadlines of various university grants as they vary from university to university and also from course to course.

I hope the article was helpful. GOOD LUCK!

This video by Lakme School of Style is beyond heartwarming and moving.

Starring Aditi Rao Hydari and Dalip Tahil, the video is the quintessential portrayal of Aditi as the young blushing bride (pre-wedding jitters and all) as she revs up for her wedding and Dalip Tahil as the seemingly placid dad. The video has a touching message to it too: nothing is as important to a girl as the assurance that her father is going to stand by her no matter what.

The video celebrates all those fathers who have taught their daughters to stand up for themselves and have fostered the belief that their fathers will always be there for them.


AIESEC in Delhi University Delegates

AIESEC in Delhi University, in association with Raise My Idea, organized the Young Entrepreneur’s Program: Delhi Ride, an interactive forum between start-ups and delegates from the student body of AIESEC in Delhi University on 2nd June in order to promote entrepreneurship in Delhi. YEP brought together different start-up’s for a day of innovation and entrepreneurship, the forum aimed at coming up with sustainable growth solutions regarding the various hindrances faced by the start-ups so that both; the start up’s and the delegates benefit by contriving innovative solutions for the problems.

The first start-up was an intiative by an alumni of AIESEC. InstaLively is a start-up founded by Prakhar Khanduja and Karthik Vaidyanath. It is a live streaming virtual platform that has changed the way people communicate these days. Within the first year InstaLively was able to raise 1 crore 23 lakh. It has partnerships with NDTV, CNN IBN etc. The founders interacted with the delegates regarding marketing campaigns, user base etc.

AIESEC in Delhi University organized Young Entrepreneurs Program

The second start-up was Ruplee. It is a mobile payment application that makes all transactions smoother, safer and profitable. Ruplee aims to replace hard money transactions entirely. Ruplee provided a great platform for delegates to contribute to marketing and advertising.

This forum became a platform of exploration and constructive interaction. It allowed the delegates to see the working of start-ups and their fresh perspectives on issues of conflict. It was an opportunity for the delegates to participate in breakout sessions throughout the day with every session exploring topics related to finding different leadership styles and turning one’s passion into job.

So If you dream big and have the accountability to work for it. Be responsible for the fulfilment of it. GoGlobal to stand out.

Don’t wait for an opportunity to knock at your door, go knock down it’s door. Volunteer abroad with AIESEC because you owe it to yourself.

To know more visit blogs.aiesecdelhiuniversity.in

This is a press release by AIESEC in Delhi University.

There almost has been a cultural moratorium on reading the preface, dedication, or introduction part of any book; no one party is to be blamed given the bush-league attempts from both, the author’s as well as the reader’s side. But when one does invests time on the same, a beautiful (and much required) connection is established from the author to its readers, in the form of a preface. Such intimate are these small pieces of essays that they reveal the state of mind the author was in, while writing the book. Whether it be witty, satirical, boasting or even buttering; a treat for book lovers.  And this is precisely what the book is all about, a book dedicated to dedications and prefaces, arguably one of its kind.

Much Ado About Small Things Review

B. Bhattacharya, author of award winning books in economics and likes, comes up with his first literary work Much Ado About Small Things(with apologies to William Shakespeare) and along with the main intent of the book, manages to squeeze in his ‘six decades of love’ for reading. And this is also what serves to be the point of inanity for the book.

The author starts the book with what seems like a personal memoir of how his affair with printed words started off and many more such recounts, and though its inclusion is totally understandable, it seems a bit overstretched. To the point where the reader, who has already set higher expectations after going through a well compiled preface, starts to wonder whether the author is looking London, talking Tokyo. Ironically enough, we are met with an extract from Roger Penrose’s book which goes ‘…I recommend a procedure that I normally adopt when such an offending line presents itself. The procedure is, more or less, to ignore that line completely and skip over…

Nevertheless, this book is also a dedication of love for literature, which is evident when we get to read the extracts from authors and books, expanding over timelines; from the first (kind of) preface written as the code of Hammurabi thousands of years ago, to suddenly pondering over the sullenness in few words of dedication in Jawaharlal’s autobiography. From time to time, we also find the author doing a Sherlock Holmes, trying to read the minds of great literary icons through their prefaces, dedications, and work extracts. As one such example, we get to read Graham Greene’s dedication from one of his novels “To my sister Elisabeth Dennys, Who cannot deny some responsibility.” And the author (cannot deny but I myself) was left wondering what does Greene mean here?

‘Sweet are the fruits of adversity’ as they say, at last we are given a treat of some meticulous examples of prefaces and dedications from some of the well known and famous books, so the readers can enjoy (and maybe revisit) these literary classics.

A word of caution though, the book is not meant for those who anticipate something exhilarant in every next page; it requires a lot of patience to be on track with the author, who understands this and manages to say “It is futile to describe it; the best I can do is give you an extract”.

A tongue-in-cheek look back at one of the passages where the author explains how his love for books far exceeded his desires for which ‘the decadent Roman Empire became famous, even at an age when the flesh was strong and the spirit willing’, and maybe that explains the author’s decision to dedicate the book to his wife.