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Aiesec Balkalakaar2015

“Do not let kindness leave you, Bind it around your neck. Write it on the tablet of your heart.”

Christmas is considered to be a festival of joy and euphoria. Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind; to cherish peace and goodwill and to be plenteous in mercy. But there are numerous aspects of joy. Somewhere within the lines, giving joy to others can enrich the experience of Christmas. That’s what Jesus teaches us to do, does he not? To help humankind and to bring out its ultimate potential for the overall well-being of the society.

With this benevolent mind-set, AIESEC in Delhi University presents to you BALAKALAKAAR- an event that caters to the underprivileged and an event that truly defines what Christmas means to the younger generation. A platform that portrays talents hidden within the undermined. A day revealing the true magic and spirit of life and dreams.

AIESEC in Delhi University conducted their Balakalakaar pre-event on the 25th of December at Prayas Institute of Juvenile Justice, Tughlakabaad. It was a Christmas celebration along with a birthday celebration for all the kids present. Over the course of the event, the children danced and had fun with the members of AIESEC, while they enjoyed their birthday cakes and goodies. The children warmed up to the members and did not want the day to come to an end. The main focus of the event was the overall growth and development of young minds. The pre-event, engaged children in creative arts workshops, talent competitions, dance, and multi-dimensional educational sessions conducted by members of AIESEC in Delhi University. The day was celebrated in its true spirit of the season, the spirit of joy.

Aiesec Delhi University Balkalakaar 2015

The location chosen for this year’s main event, scheduled to take place on the 28th of December, in Delhi Technological University, Rohini. Despite being enrolled in schools and being taken care by various NGOs, the kids are deprived of the basic necessities and are not privileged even with a percent of what they deserve and this deters them from believing in their dreams and living the life of prosperity. The event mainly consists of a painting competition, games, awareness sessions and several other activities that celebrate the spirit of Balkalakaar. And, AIESEC DU is not alone in this, with a number of volunteers, the organisation aims to celebrate the sheer essence of the day. The volunteers mainly consist of students from different colleges of Delhi.

Aiesec Delhi University Balkalakaar 2015

Volunteer for BALAKALAKAAR and get a chance to become a vital member of AIESEC in Delhi University!
Click here to volunteer : http://bit.ly/1NoQr3Z

This is a press release by AIESEC in Delhi University.



Street Play: Super School India

This Diwali, 24 slum kids of Delhi went on a spectacular journey that helped all of us realize that you don’t have to be rich to save the world.

My name is Radhika and I run a NGO in Delhi called Super School India. I moved from Singapore to Delhi knowing vaguely that I wanted to do something to give back to the country I was born in. And I was convinced that the solution to most problems in any country is education. Thus, came along Super School India. It became a learning space for slum children about all things bad that we can change and all things good that we must inculcate in our lives.

2 weeks ago I told them that the firecrackers we burst are made by little children in factories. I showed them pictures online and my kids were shocked. They said they wanted to do something to help them. What could they do? I said they could pledge to stop bursting crackers. They agreed but said it doesn’t seem enough. What else could they do? That is when we came up with the idea to have a street play.

Super School kids performing
Kids performing at Pratibha Nigam Vidyalaya Sangam Vihar, New Delhi

So, the Super School kids started the process of becoming change makers, with the youngest actor being 7 years old! They worked hard for 10 days, preparing material and coming for practice daily after school. Onkar Grover and Tarun Kohli from Khanabadosh, a Delhi-based street theatre group, also took out time to deliver a workshop on acting for these young stars of Super School India.

And after all the practice, the kids were set to perform in schools and public spaces! They have performed for over 1200 students in 4 schools in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi in the first 2 days of their performances. And over the weekend, they courageously performed for the general public at PVR Saket market and Select City Walk mall, where they reached out to hundreds of Delhiites.

Watch these kids explain in their nukkad naatak in 1 minute why every time we burst a cracker this Diwali, we are indirectly responsible for promoting child labour in India.


Now watch this Super School kid explain how the basic rule of economics can slowly undo this problem.

If a child can so easily understand that his actions have horrible consequences, then what are we waiting for?

What am I happiest about? It is not the amazing outreach and response we had through the street play. It is the fact that these kids now feel empowered. They aren’t just beneficiaries anymore. They are also change makers. They now tell me they want to do another street play as soon as possible! They’ve been making a list of problems in our society that need to be tackled – sanitation, gender equality, cleanliness!  You don’t have to be rich to save the world. You just need to have a heart to want to do it. And isn’t that what Diwali is all about? The victory of good over evil.

About the Author

Super School India is founded by Radhika Mittal, a Political Science graduate from the National University of Singapore, who recently moved back to Delhi and has been following her passionate heart ever since. 

At Super School, along with academics, her dedicated team of volunteers have a strong focus on teaching moral and civic issues to children. Learning from a textbook is amazing but imbibing and practicing the values that make a good human being, don’t come easy.

FB page: www.facebook.com/superschoolindia

 XIMB is back with Carnival de Vogue 2015, the flagship fashion event of the annual Management-Cultural fest of XIMB- Xpressions'15

Fashion enthusiasts and beauty lovers, XIMB is back with Carnival de Vogue 2015(CDV), the flagship fashion event of the annual Management-Cultural fest of XIMB- Xpressions’15. It is being conducted by X-Stage, the Cultural Committee of XIMB in collaboration with X-SteC, the Xpressions Steering Committee of XIMB with the objective of  imbibing fashion in not just in clothes and dresses but in the way we think and the way we live. Fashion is not just about beauty, it’s about your attitude.

This stylish event is a ramp walk contest and fashion show for B-School students to put their most stylish foot forward and showcase their glam quotient. It will be held on 14th Nov, the second day of Xpressions. Full of oomph and glamour, this fashion fiesta promises to be bigger, better and grander than its previous versions.   The social media campaign in the build up to the event has been a great success. In this event, participants had to make a collage of two pics, an Indian wear and a Western wear.

The winner will be provided with coupons for the event. The theme selected for this year is ‘ANDROGYNY’ which represents the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics in fashion. The event is divided into two rounds and teams are limited to one from each college with a maximum size of 12 members.

In the first round the entire team will do the ramp walk. In the second round, one couple from each team will be selected by the judges. They will walk the ramp followed by a question-answer session with the judges. Last year the judging panel comprised of Miss Shilpa Singh (Miss India World 2012). The winning team will get a prize money of Rs. 25000.

Registrations can be done at- http://www.ximbxpressions.com/cdv.html

So be ready with your haircut, dresses, makeup, and most importantly your attitude and be part of a wonderful, fun-filled and exceptional experience at XIMB.

Disclaimer: Youth24x7 is the online youth media partner for XIMB’s Xpressions.



Ways to do more in less time
Image: projectmanage.com

I came across this wonderful analogy on time while researching for one of my events:

“Think about the airline industry. Their target is to have a full cabin in every flight. They don’t really like empty seats. So, the prices are high. And dynamic. As the day of the flight nears, the prices keep on increasing. Good luck to anyone with a tight budget – if they want a seat on a flight at the last moment! It becomes a mad house then, the same seat which would have initially cost you probably 30-40% less.

But once the plane takes off, an empty seat has no value. That’s a loss for the airline. There is no way they can get any money for it. However expensive the seat had been, once it’s gone, it becomes valueless.

The same can be said about ‘time’. A very expensive commodity indeed. While the clock ticks away, it keeps becoming more and more precious. You would kill to save those precious moments right before something has to be done. Do anything to have little more time at your disposal! Unfortunately, you cannot stop the clock.

And once it is gone, it ceases to be expensive. It ceases to be anything!”

There is a very simple thing I like to say,

Time pass = Time Fail

Let me give you some stats. The average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes, or approximately 7 an hour, or 50-60 per day. The average interruption takes 5 minutes, totaling about 4 hours or 50% of the average workday. 80% of those interruptions are typically rated as “little value” or “no value” creating approximately 3 hours of wasted time per day. 

By taking 1 hour per day for independent study, 7 hours per week, 365 hours in a year, one can learn at the rate of a full-time student. In 3-5 years, the average person can become an expert in the topic of their choice, by spending only one hour per day.

If only we had that one hour we could take out from our crucial time (kept aside to be wasted) ☺

I know it is difficult. Not the management of time per se, but getting out of the habit of wasting it. Here are a few things you could do that have proved to work well for managing your time better:

1. Value your time

Yes, make a guesstimate of the cost of your time. You may not make it comparable to some industry stalwart but consider yourself as someone who is fairly successful when you do so.

Depending on how much you earn (or spend, if you are a student) each year, you can count the number of productive days in a year and number of working hours in a day. Get you own hourly rate 😉

Once you have that estimate, next time you have the urge to splurge your time on something, you can compare whether it is worth your time or not. The concept of value in marketing is defined as benefits/cost. (Some even consider it as benefits minus cost). Find out your own version of benefits upon cost for your time i.e. time value.

Now, I am not saying that you do everything according to this method. But a lot of your trivial activities could go through this simple test before you decide to undertake them. This will simply give you an idea of how much valuable time you generally waste doing stuff that you need not do really.

2. SWOT Analysis

You must have heard of SWOT right? It’s an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Generally it is done on an organization level vis a vis competitors to understand the road that has been traveled so far and what lies ahead.

But whoever said you couldn’t do it for your own self?

SWOT can be helpful in prioritizing your time and to-dos. Between all the elements of your SWOT, I would suggest that you focus on your strengths. Give more time to things you are good at and play to your strengths. This will ensure you enjoy your productive hours more. But it will also help you figure out which of your weaknesses can you spend how much time on, so that you could turn them into your opportunities and subsequently, into your strengths. It is very much doable, should you put your heart on to the pursuit of betterness.

If you cannot picture a long term situation, don’t panic. Take one day at a time. I would say, devote some time each day to your SWOT elements. Some will of high priority and some will be of low. But ensure that you take some time out. As mentioned in the very beginning of the post, merely taking out 1hour everyday can get you to gain expertise in a particular field (condition applied – dedicated one hour). Just find out time first for your priorities.

You will be amazed at how much buffer time will remain each day for you to decide how much of it to spend or trivials and non-essentials.

3. Wake up early

This does not seem like a time management tip but trust me it is. When you wake up early and get your most important things done even before the rest of the world wakes up, there is a very beautiful delusion of having more than 24hrs in your day.

Most important things get done early on, leaving time for leisure and fun and most importantly – getting more important things done than you had planned! That’s a welcome delusion I would say.

4. Creating To-Do lists

This had to be there right?

Creating to-do lists is a classic time management tool. I keep a white board right above my study table where all the to-dos go. It is the simplest way to tackle your list of never ending works. Keep striking off what got done and keep writing what needs to be done further.

Place it strategically at a position where your eyes keep going from time to time. If you are a more organized person, you can even color code your white board of to-dos . The essence is to make you feel ashamed if the list of striked out items is smaller.

And don’t be ashamed of jotting down to-dos. Once you have an exhaustive list, you can do your SWOT and prioritizing too! Find out what’s more important and what needs to be done right away.

5. Right here Right now

If it takes 2 minutes to do a thing, do it now. Don’t procrastinate even for very small things. It is often the 2 minute tasks, that when piled up – look like an Everest that you have to conquer. It is this pile of 2minute noodles that gets perceived as crisis often. And believe me, a major part of crisis management is dealing with these simple things efficiently. It is not that big a deal. We just turn it into one.

It would also be advisable that you do the things you fear most first. Or abhor. That inertia of having put good effort gets carried forward to the rest of the day (or sitting). You may not succeed initially. But slowly, you will get into the habit of facing your fears and getting things done in time – that’s two things nailed!

6. Kill your Distractors

Have you heard of Pareto’s principle? The 80-20 rule by Pareto, when applied to time management, says – 80% of your half-hearted time generates only 20% of the results.

And it is no rocket science that your 80% unfocused time is a result of too much distraction. Kill those distractors. Free, high speed internet, Youtube streaming without buffer, endless social media networks and their apps, so many relationship issues to worry about, numerous trivial things to think about, useless people issues to get into – a lot of work, a modern living is!

It is possible to keep these distractions at bay. A little will power is all you need. And what starts as will power, soon becomes a habit. Progressively remove your distractions if you want to reach somewhere in life. Because what doesn’t take you towards your goals, takes you away from them!

There are many more ways to manage your time better. But the first step to all of them is – your sheer, infallible determination to make use of these non-renewable, very important resource – in a better, more judicious way.


The difference between a Steve Jobs and a normal job is – how one utilizes their 24hrs!

About the Author:

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker for Youth & Corporate Events in India. He has more than 16yrs of experience as a Public Speaker, Writer & Career Counsellor. He is known for his comic & sarcastic style as a speaker. He believes that he still is an ardent student of life and learning.

He writes regularly on his blog answering questions that his audiences mostly ask. You may know more about him and his work at: http://akashgautam.com/motivational-speakers-in-india/

Xpressions 2015: The Annual Business-Cultural Fest Of XIMB

A three day extravaganza, a legacy that started in 1998, now one of the most respected and looked forward to B-school events in the country, Xpressions, the flagship Business-Cultural fest of XIMB, is an event that plans to reach out to the best minds in business schools to test their business acumen as well as their zest for life. A celebration that starts 100 days prior to the event, Xpressions 2015 has got something in store for everyone, promising a rejuvenating, refreshing and one of its kind experiences.

Being the biggest annual festival in the whole of Eastern India, Xpressions has got everything one needs. It is a three day affair, packed with astounding business simulation games, cultural activities, and many more fun activities. The flagship business game events, Gladiator, Kurukshetra, Skill City, Helios, and Spardha are conducted across the three days of the fest where participants from top B-schoolsare seen simulating real time scenarios across various business modules intensively. On the other hand, the cultural events are a perfect blend of variation and diversity. Decibelz, a Battle of Bands, witnesses the participants performing different forms of rock; soft, metallic and grunge music. Goonj, the solo singing event discovers some of the finest melodious voices of the country, leaving the audience enthralled. Carnival De Vogue, the high end fashion show, witnesses students from different colleges walking down the ramp with great flair. Other spectacle events are Aaghaaz, the nukkad natak competition and Thirkan, the dance competition.

Xpressions also witnesses Xansad, a parliamentary debate competition comprising of vigorous debate sessions across all the teams, giving a sneak peek into the diplomatic thinking and energetic approach of today’s youth. Apart from this there is, Flight of Fancy, an event for literary enthusiasts, Pratibimb, a face painting competition, Inquizzitive, a business and a general quiz, and Case study competitions like Mpower, Maven, Case in Point, and Case connect conducted by the various functional committees, to challenge the participants to brainstorm and come up with unique solutions to real time business problems. Xpressions also sees participation in a film making competition- The Final Cut, Viraasat- A classical music extravaganza and numerous online events like Nirnay, Parikrama, Trade Wars and EnigmaX.

Xpressions 2014 echoed with the enthralling live performance of National Award Recipient, Amit Trivedi in Celeblitz, the biggest event in the three days. This year it is not lesser, with none other than famous Music director-composer duo Vishal-Shekhar making their way to Xpressions 2015. Also of attraction is an EDM night by DJ Nucleya.

Xpressions ’15 will take place on 13th, 14th and 15th of November at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. With just 15 days for Xpressions to go on air one can’t help but be on the toes waiting to be a part the 17 year legacy. Xpressions 2015, here we go!


“Entrepreneurship is always about passion, leadership and challenges. If a person is passionate enough to think big, fast and can mould his venture to the changing industry trends, he will be successful with his venture”, says Gautam Kumar, co-founder and COO of FarEye, a Mobile Workforce Management Platform.

FarEye is a customizable Enterprise Mobility Platform that automates processes and field workforce, thus helping the enterprises in delighting their customers. FarEye was launched in the year 2013. Looking at the challenges in Last-Mile-Delivery the three co-founders Kushal Nahata, co-founder & CEO, Gautam Kumar, co-founder & COO, Gaurav Srivastava, co-founder & CTO came out with a solution that empower the Manager in an enterprise.

Fareye Team

Changing the way things have been

FarEye observed that organizations with field workforce faced several challenges. They had difficulty in managing employees outside the office as the lack of transparency in field operations disabled the management to track the job status, address customer vagaries, and include last minute order and requests. Also real time coordination between field workers and backend staff was challenging and ineffective technology lead to more manual efforts. Customers were spread across vast geographies, so in order to have efficient operations every stakeholder was to be intimated about the relevant / concerned happenings in the workflow. Apart from this the organizations encountered hitches in resource allocation, meeting customer’s expectations, manage huge consumer data and requirement ensuring last mile delivery and delay in response to customers and requests.

Innovation and Implementation

To address such challenges, FarEye introduced customized solutions to the Industries. As explained by Gautam, “We are a robust, Integrable & customizable platform that fits into any process flow.  Even though we started with Last Mile Delivery in Logistics, we expanded to the five other industry verticals such as hyperlocals, marketplace, BFSI, healthcare, consumer durables and travel.

Our flexible user–interface, client base, diversity amongst industry verticals is our Unique Selling Point.

Surpassing Milestones

FarEye was founded as a solution approach to logistics problems. FarEye received an investment of 2 crores from IAN seed funding (2013) which they used as a kick-starter for hiring the right talent, marketing and creating a better & happy workplace. But they overcame several obstacles to finally be where they are. 

FarEye started with Logistics but now has entered into other industry verticals as mentioned above. One of their remarkable achievement was one million transactions a day where they provided end-to-end technology solution for Hyperlocals, Logistics and Marketplace specially to beat “Diwali rush”.  Faryeye saw an impressive 20-fold growth in the last 9 months.



Turning the Tides

When asked what he envisions for FarEye in next 3 years, Gautam replied,

Enterprise Mobility is a billion dollar market. Mobile technology is cheap, accessible & easy to use which makes it attractive to any enterprise. With over 3 billion workforce worldwide, only 20% have accessed technology to enhance their efficiency at work. That leaves a target of the remaining 2.5 billion people ensuring immense scope in this market. Some of the biggest revenue generating industries like manufacturing and construction spend a dismal amount on technology. A large portion of the technology-less 2 billion-plus workers are in the developing world (50% in Asia-Pacific, 10 % in the Middle East and Africa) ensuring immense global opportunity in the market that FarEye is looking to capture.  Any industry stands to benefit from the use of enterprise mobility solutions and with majority of the industries untapped the market presents a huge opportunity to FarEye to be a game changer for field operations worldwide.

We are moving towards Internet of Logistics (IoL), Internet of Things (IoT) and thus, connecting the entire world to make the world a better place.”

Empowering and Enabling Solutions

FarEye increases the efficiency and effectiveness of operations by helping organizations to schedule jobs, track execution and evaluate the performance, all in real time. 

FarEye employs Predictive Analytics i.e. the FarEye interface reduces your dependency on intuition and assumptions and provides you with business data and analytics to take accurate decisions. The business insights can be effectively utilized to plan for the future and achieve desired results.

For instance e-commerce companies can analyse a consumer’s historical pattern and accordingly predict their convenient time of deliveries, the preferred location, preferred point of delivery.

In 3 years, FarEye has proven to be a promising venture in Enterprise Mobility Market, and with a success story as this, FarEye is surely a game changer to look out for in near future.